More knitting needle rolls

Once I’ve figured something out, I like to put that knowledge to use. So, once I figured out how to make a knitting needle roll, I kept going.


And going. I’ve learned a little more while making each roll, so each one is better than the one before it. What have I learned?


First, that machine-sewn quilt binding isn’t worth the effort. I always thought that it didn’t look as good as hand-sewn binding, but I tried it because I assumed it would save time and effort. Well, maybe it does save time–just a little–but it’s so frustrating to sew that I have given up on trying it. There are too many layers being sewn together and accuracy matters too much. Hand-sewing quilt binding, on the other hand, is a meditative pleasure with a beautiful result.


Second, I now understand why quilters are so crazy about low-loft cotton batting. It is indeed SO much easier to machine-quilt it, then to machine-quilt polyester batt. I’m definitely going with cotton, for projects like this in the future. However, as I know from personal experience, the polyester batts are much warmer for bed quilts. So, I’ll just have to consider each quilt as I make it.


Third, I learned how to make a really tight, neat binding (2″ tape, single fold, machine-sewn with a 1/4″ foot around one side, then whipstitched to the other by hand) and how to make really neat mitered corners (I read the tutorial at Oh Fransson).


Fourth, I realized that I know a lot of people who knit. Each of these rolls has an intended home. Hooray!

Last, I learned that in the right combinations, even yellow and orange and tan (normally my least favorite colors!) are irresistibly beautiful. That pale yellow roll? I could just eat. It. Up.


8 thoughts on “More knitting needle rolls

  1. I like your color combinations! The pale yellow is my favorite too!

    Machine sewn binding doesn’t have to be both sides…I machine sew it on the top side of the quilt and hand stitch it down on the back side.

    RPQ (Red Pepper Quilts), I’m pretty sure, has a tutorial for how she does it. Amazing!

    What a generous heart you have for gifting these beauties away!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Yes, I sew on one side with a machine. What I was trying was a way of getting the other end sewn by machine too… blech. Didn’t work.

  3. I’m really bad about price points and all that. I have attempted to sell some of my knitted stuff on Etsy and failed miserably because I couldn’t seem to get the price point right. I’d pay about 25-30 bucks for it, though….does that sound too low?

  4. Um . . . is one of those “recipients” me by any chance? No? Oh, ok. Can I commission one then? I’m totally serious! I bet you’ve got plenty of bright fuschia/purple/green fabric in the stash with my name on it . . .

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