Renovation news, year end 2009

It’s the end of the year and we are getting tantalizingly close to the end of the renovation! On Christmas Eve, Sparks and I and my parents bundled ourselves up and headed over to the house to see what we could see.


Squee! Look at that blue bathroom! With cabinets and sinks and faucets in it! Are we stoked or what?


And ooooooh that bathroom is PINK PINK PINK. Remember that there’s lots of white ceramic and brown-black wood still to go in. The amount of pink in the room won’t be overwhelming, in the end. And it’s such a vibrant, happy pink. I feel that it was absolutely the right choice. It is absolutely the color for me. I’ve also decided to leave the bedroom plain white–the soft pink glow emanating from the bathroom will be plenty of color 😉

On Boxing Day, Sparks and my dad went back to the house to stage the kitchen cabinets for installation. We have bought a new dishwasher and microwave, hooray. The other appliances Sparks already had and is happy with, so they are staying.

So right now, we’re waiting for the following things before we’re ready to move:

1) Install the kitchen and the rest of the bathroom pieces
2) Put down the wood floor
3) Put the trimwork back in place

That sounds almost like it will get done, doesn’t it?


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