The bag of shame

At lunch time I rooted around in my craft room and assembled all of the results of Single Sock Syndrome, and all of the unfinished socks, I could find. Thus, the bag of shame.


Seven singleton socks and two unfinished specimens. A third unfinished specimen was frogged very recently, because I hated knitting the lace pattern so much.

I don’t think I’m less steady or reliable than your average knitting. I’m just a sock-intensive knitter and have been for several years. Things accumulate.

Thinking about what I should do. I don’t particularly care to knit lace, I know now. The stockinette ones I can just whip out the mates for, but what about the lace ones? Should I suck it up and knit matching socks? Should I knit stockinette mates out of the same yarn and hope no one notices?

PS: Zauberballs are rocking my world. This chocolate-creamy sweetie is on its way to me right now.


3 thoughts on “The bag of shame

  1. I vote you unravel the lace ones and make something else! I did that with a scarf I made the other day. Too many mistakes and I didn’t like the color/width. Wasted effort? Perhaps. But that’s one thing I like about knitting – you can always unravel it all and start over! : )

  2. Yeah, I did that with one already, and will probably do it with an unfinished Monkey sock. The other two are too pretty… guess I’ll keep them around until inspiration hits, some day.

    BTW: if you find yourself with any spare cornbread/biscuits/fried chicken, we’re accepting donations…

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