Christmas-prep weekend

Last weekend was my anointed weekend for doing Christmas preparation. I put up two trees and baked five batches of cookies… two of them double batches.


The shopping for these cookies is a treat in itself. At what other time of the year can you go to the supermarket for six boxes of butter, two bags of flour, white sugar, brown sugar, fresh baking powder, two boxes of baking chocolate, currants, and four kinds of nuts? No other time, that’s what.


The recipes are old ones from a catalogue, which I have blogged about before. Many families have their own standard cookies, and if people are like me, they feel clannish about their own cookies being the best. These are, however, extraordinarily good. Objectively.


I also put up the two Christmas trees. I haven’t gotten around to the bits and bobs, but the trees are up! My Christmas Pudding just loves to sit by the trees. She doesn’t bother the ornaments at all–she’s such a good kitty.


And after so much excitement in one weekend, she’s also a tired kitty. As am I.


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