Gypsy Rose quilt top

In recent days I have had more time to spend in my craft room than I had had almost since I moved to my house. I have also cured my yarn-buying habit by displacing it with a fabric-buying habit. I also have my craft room half full of pillow forms and yards & yards of home dec fabric for the new house. As a result, I have sometimes of late cogitated on the possibility that there is such a thing as too much fabric. I sold a little on eBay, but most of it I love too dearly to part with. My conclusion is that I need to start using it up at a rate equal to or greater than the rate at which I acquire it.


Thus was born this little quilt top, made of one layer cake of Gypsy Rose by Fig Tree Quilts. I started out by making ninepatches, then debated whether I wanted to cut them in square quarters and sew them together again, or cut them on the diagonal and sew them together again.


Sewing on the diagonal won out, and I’m sorry to say that it was a failure. The middle squares weren’t appreciably diminished, and so from above when you see the whole quilt–like so–it just looks like it’s been sloppily put together, not as if something unusual and interesting was happening. Oh, well. It’s pretty fabric and still a passable little quilt. I shall practice my machine quilting on it, and not cry when I make mistakes.


Pudding, bless her little heart, supports all of my patchwork efforts.


6 thoughts on “Gypsy Rose quilt top

  1. Ive been looking thru ebay to get ideas on selling older fabrics…did you have much luck really? Im looking to sell non designer fabrics…in lots of around 5 yards…but then saw that that didn’t sell for much for than 5-7 dollars…is it really worth it?
    Im joining your camp…use it!!

  2. I’ve sold yarn more than I’ve sold fabric. The yarn went off like hotcakes, though. I’m still on the rail about trying to sell my collection of Old Sturbridge Village… if I do try, I’ll report.

  3. Hi there! T

    his is off-topic but I am so curious about the Valspar Paris Pink bedroom you say you have. I am really wanting to paint my bedroom pink as well, but I’m having a hard time choosing the perfect shade of pale pink. So to google I went and thats how i discovered this lovely blog!

    Do you have any pictures of your bedroom in Paris Pink that you could share? I’d love to see actual pictures of this color. I have also read that Valspar’s Paris Pink has been discontinued so I’m wondering how and where you got it?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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