Corncob cornbread

Sparks has access to a dazzling array of vintage oddities. On the one hand his family enjoys junk shops, estate sales, and auctions. On another hand he has received copious hand-me-downs from his parents and grandparents. On the third hand, he’s always looking out for interesting things left on the curb.


Thus was found, several years ago, the corncob cornbread pan. For a long time it was a paperweight, but recently he brought it home, cleaned off the rust, and oiled it up. Cornbread time!


I was impressed by how well the mold took. I’ve had such miserable luck with molded cake pans that I wasn’t expecting much, but Sparks obviously has a magic touch with baked goods, because these were beautiful.


One vintage corncob cornbread pan, ready for regular use.


2 thoughts on “Corncob cornbread

  1. Well, heck yeah! Cornbread tastes so much better when baked in one of those pans, especially if you grease them up. And look how pretty your bread is! Swoon! I love the paperweight idea, but can’t something so awesome pull double duty? I think that’s going green or something. Al Gore is going to be calling you.

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