Renovation news: late November

This weekend, feeling happy and fresh and fit as fiddles due to the roof finally being begun, we ventured to our darling new/old town to see how the house was going.

The roof is indeed going on. The house has such an enormous expanse of roof, though–and a passing neighbor reports that the roofers are delicate flowers who must go home at 3:00 every afternoon–and in spite of having been unable to work three days out of four for the past six weeks, they still needed the whole weekend off–that the roof was only about half laid at that point. No matter; it was laid over the part of the house that matters, and interior work need be delayed no longer.


The bathtub is in place! Oh, it’s a large and grand tub. It is 66″ long and 36″ wide, which is significantly larger than any bathtub I’ve ever had before. I am going to have legendary soaks in that tub, let me tell you.


And above it, the window has been installed! Having some light in that room makes such a difference. The glass of the window is frosted for privacy, and it is double-hung in such a way that the top sash can be pulled down, so the room can be aired and still be private. Woop woop!


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