Renovation news: mid-November

In the absence of any new photographs to show you, here’s a pretty mosaic of my Flickr favorites:

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So. The house renovation. I am able to post about it this morning only because I have GOOD news to tell you. I have several pieces, in fact!

1) The new metal roof is being put on AS I TYPE. After one of the wettest Octobers on record, the new roof is finally, finally being put on. Once this is done, we can continue to make progress inside, without fear of soaking new insulation and drywall. Hooray!

2) The window has been installed in the master bathroom. Sparks has seen it, and reports that it transforms the space. Also, the new bathtub is there, and he says it’s bee-yoo-ti-ful and just the right size.

3) Our flooring guy tells us that to have 3/4″ hardwood put down will probably end up being the same price as having 1/4″ underlayment plus 1/2″ engineered wood put down, so we may as well go with hardwood. Probably. Almost certainly. But he has to run the numbers. Yes!

I have been quiet because it’s been a tense week here; for quite a while there wasn’t much good news about the renovation. It boiled down to two facts:

1) The roof hadn’t gone on, and the forecast is largely for more rain. There were three clear days last week which the roofer chose to devote to another customer. We have spent most of the last six days sitting quietly, with glassy eyes, worrying. Sparks even took to playing computer games, which I had never seen him do before.

2) Lowes yanked their Martha Stewart line of paint colors with no warning and no backsies. The colors are out of the system. We need more paint to touch up the formerly-big-orange-wall! Luckily, Sparks the Hero dug up the paint chip. We will have it color-matched. And hope that it really does match.

By the way, this means that “Bare Branches” is out of the running for the master bathroom color. There are other taupes in the world, but I’m taking it as a sign from above that I should go with Foxglove. So a pink bathroom it will be!


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