Bathroom colors

Sooooooo. Supposedly, the roof will be put on our house starting today, which means that drywall goes up soon, which means it’s time to choose paint colors. For real.

In the bedroom, my current thoughts are to paint each wall in a very subtle tone. One will be the same lovely warm white as the rest of the house, one an extremely subtle taupe, one an only slightly less subtle taupe, and the fourth a subtle pink… possibly the same Paris Pink that our bedroom is right now.

With that in mind… we have two bathroom wall color possibilities. Please keep in mind that Sparks swears up and down he is NOT going to use this bathroom. He apparently believes that separate bathrooms make a happy marriage.

Eddie Bauer “Foxglove”

This pink is actually redder, in real life. It’s almost a watermelon color. It’s warm and vibrant; much less the flat bubblegum that’s showing up on my monitor, here. I think it provides a lovely contrast with both the dark wood and the bright-white porcelain. I heart it. It does, however, lock me into having a pink bathroom. Painting over it in another color would require primer.

Martha Stewart “Bare Branches”

This is a lovely multifaceted brownish-taupe. It also harmonizes well with the wood and the porcelain. The advantages of it are that it is sophisticated and it would allow me to swap out different colored towels and knickknacks whenever I wanted. The disadvantage is that it is safe and boring, and means that there will be no less than THREE brown rooms in the house. Four, if you count the taupe walls in the master bedroom. That seems kinda blah and boring.



5 thoughts on “Bathroom colors

  1. Hmmm…..I am torn. But, I really like the pink. And, I agree with Sparks – separate bathrooms = happier marriage. (Works for me so far). So, I think you should go with the pink. Even if you do repaint and use primer, it’s not the biggest room in the house, so it wouldn’t be that hard. And you will feel so cozy in it!

  2. Heeeeeee….well, here’s a dilemma! I grew up in a pink bathroom so there are issues there for me! LOL

    When you get a chance, take several of the paint swatches and tape them up in the room at different times during the day…to get a feel for how the color likes the room. That’s usually what I do. Leave them for a day or two…you know, take 4 swatches of the same color and tape them together to get a larger swatch…

    Hope this helps!

  3. I definitely agree with Sparks. If you’re not going to have separate bathrooms, you at least need your own sinks and vanity space! It is much less stressful for me and my husband because we use two bathrooms, I can tell you that. I actually think I like the brown better–I agree with you about the accessorizing potential of it. Maybe you could do some kind of cool stenciling with it or do a stripe of a different color.

  4. “Bare Branches” It complements the wood. Bathrooms tend
    to be small spaces, so you want to keep with a neutral color and accent with pictures, towels etc….and it keeps the room
    looking clean and feeling fresh and not heavy and overly decorated.

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