Fidget Pie

Sparks and I have been experiencing an unaccountable interest in “good Olde English” food recently. Perhaps it something to do with having recently watched Lord of the Rings, or perhaps it was the trip to Italy that made us pine for a trip to the UK, or perhaps it has to do with our buddies Si and Dave… but anyway, we have. There has been sampling of perry and cider, double gloucester and wensleydale, and last week we decided to make a fidget pie.

Fidget pie is a Shropshire speciality. It consists of a short crust filled with potatoes, onions, apples, and ham (or gammon, more appropriately), bound with flour and cream, and flavored with sage, nutmeg, and cider. Yum.

Sparks, good boy that he is, and his grandmother’s grandson, made the short crust. I handled the filling.



Onions–blanch these and the potatoes, to partially cook them and take the bite out of the onion


Fresh sage from the garden

The finished fidget pie.

It was quite a thing of beauty; we felt like hobbits when we ate it. It is certainly hearty, heavy stodge–excellent winter comfort food. I recommend it as an occasional remedy for particularly hectic work-weeks.


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