Doll dresser jewelry box

The first jewelry box is done! Woop woop!


To sum up: about six weeks ago, crazed by the excitement of jewelry-making, I realized that I needed a storage system for my handiwork. Many jewelry boxes are filled with confusing compartments and special holders, which I wasn’t interested in. All I wanted was a series of shallow drawers… and lots of them.

There are very very few jewelry boxes designed like this, and most have only 2-3 drawers. Grrrr. I found an acrylic version that was structurally acceptable, but not attractive. So I sat down and thought. And then I thought of doll dressers.


I ended up buying a set of two pieces. One is this four-drawer chest, and another is a three-drawer chest with a small swivel mirror on top. I fixed up the one with the greater capacity first… I’ll tackle the other soon.

First, I used a slightly damp cloth to wipe years and years of black grime off of it. Then I used a fine-grit sandpaper to rough up the varnish (it was in such bad shape that it would probably have taken paint anyway, but you can’t be too careful), then wiped with a damp cloth again.

Next came three layers of paint: green on the insides of the drawers, and oyster white everywhere else.


On Saturday, I spent a couple of hours in my sewing room making tiny patchwork quilts to put inside the drawers, to protect the jewelry from knicks and bumps. I just a-d-o-r-e this combination of fabrics, almost none of which were from the same line. I usually like to buy a whole line of fabric, but when I do mix things up, I’m always delighted.


And there we go. I have a drawer each for hair accessories, pearl jewelry, silver jewelry, and my own handmade jewelry. When I finish the three-drawer chest, there will be a drawer for watches, and two drawers for vintage celluloid jewelry. Weehee!

It’s fun to make something and end up with exactly what you wanted!


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