Jack-o-lanterns 2009

It is the morning of November 1, and it is oddly early for me to be up on a Sunday morning because it’s the first day of Standard Time… and we have also had our first frost. For the first time this year, it’s below freezing out there. How about that for a happy confluence of events?


Sparks had another great jack-o-lantern, this year. Here you can see it in progress. Oh my, how many small boys were FASCINATED by it, last night! One or two forgot that they were there for candy.


And there is it beside mine. I was very happy with the leer I achieved… I think that it has its tongue sticking out, too. Not quite enough pumpkin guts to be a “barfing” pumpkin. We want to keep those pumpkin seeds, you know.


And the evening grows darker…


And darkest.

And now on to… the holiday season. The stores always take November 1 as open license to put up Christmas displays. I’ve got my decorations pretty well under control and so don’t need to buy many this year, but it is time to begin considering what everybody will get for Christmas. Oh dear indeed. It’s so tempting, after the success of the wedding crackers, to buy a bunch of novelties from Oriental Trading and give everybody a stocking stuffed with them…

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