Renovation news: October 27

There were two pieces of news when I went to the house this weekend. The first is that the metal roof has been delivered and is laying in the lawn:


Just laying on the lawn, mind you. Not being installed on any one of the sunny days we had last week. Just… laying… on… the… lawn.


The second is that we assembled the master bathroom’s sink cabinet, and set the sink and faucet on top of it just to see how it all looked. It is… zomgawesome. I’m so excited! Look at that HUUUUUUUGE SINK!

The only other notable thing is that the two black locusts in the yard have dropped a bumper crop of locust pods this year, which I raked up. The locust trees are on my sh** list.


One thought on “Renovation news: October 27

  1. The sink and cabinet are very stylish! So is the quilt behind them! LOL

    You would be amazed at how fast a roof can come off…and be put on! Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    I enjoy your updates and hope things keep progressing along!


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