Renovation news, mid-October

Ah, the renovation. The renovation is really happening! There is tons of progress to report since my last post about it. Where to start…


IKEA cabinets are a good place to start. The shipment of 181 boxes had been sitting in the media room since last Thursday, so yesterday Sparks and I scooted over to the house early to start putting them together. There were ten upper cabinets and seven lower ones to put together, and by gum, we did them all yesterday.


You bet we’re proud of ourselves! Go us! The drawers and doors will happen later, but getting the frames together was critical because real progress is being made on the kitchen…


Is something miss here? Do you see it?


How about here? I’m talking about doors! The kitchen used to have four different doors, which made for precious little space for, you know, cabinets and appliances and all of that decadent stuff. We have had two of them closed off, to turn it into a functional space. The new electrical has been run, and as soon as the drywall is up, it will be cabinet-installing time.


In the great room, the big orange wall is no longer orange, but a nice warm shade of brown. There is still interest in the room, but it doesn’t scream SEVENTIES!!! the way it used to. It’s good.


The old drywall is gone in the master bathroom, too. A tall window will be installed in the center of the outside wall, to make the room nice and bright. When we decided to live in Sparks’ house, he was already doing renovations on it and asked me what I would really, really want to make the house more livable. I said that I wanted the master bathroom opened up into a single space (remember, it used to be three separate rooms…) and to have a window. Sparks delivers!


All of the offensive wallpaper and paint is gone from the house now. Here is one serene white bedroom,


And here is another.

It is starting to seem that our estimate of having this project done by the end of the year is just, I mean, juuuuust, feasible. We won’t be moved in, but we’ll be very close I think. My new estimate of the moving date is sometime around Valentine’s day. And then we can put my little gray house on the market, and get free of its mortgage… oh, that will be beautiful.


If you’re a naive romantic city dweller, I will say for your benefit that “getting away from my mortgage will be as beautiful as the nearly-tame deer that graze in the yard at the new house…”. Enjoy that thought. The country-dwellers are guffawing as a way of dealing with the horror of the situation. Nearly-tame deer are not cool.


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