Phew. Let’s talk about the weekend.

The Comcast box has been returned (stood in line for 15 minutes, oh well). There’s only one more part in the drama, and that is to see if they accept my payment of ~$60 instead of the ~$200 they claimed. If that goes well, the saga will be over. Well and truly.

Let’s have some nice pictures.

Favorites 16

This weekend, I am following Sparks over to the renovation house, to begin putting together the IKEA cabinets. Though there were 181 boxes, some of them were just legs… some just hinges… some just pneumatic drawer stoppers. And then, of course, getting the drawers put together will be a completely leisurely process. What’s important to do is to get the frames put together so that the work crew can begin to install them, maybe as early as next week.

I will take pictures tomorrow when I’m there, I promise! Sparks says that the old linoleum and subfloor in the kitchen have been taken up, and that the two doors that are to be blocked up, have been. So exciting! I can hardly wait to see.


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