Sunday patchwork

Ah me, a whole week has gotten away from me again. We were smashed, after the IKEA trip, and on Thursday the 181 boxes from IKEA were delivered. The driver did find a way to park his semi outside of the house, but said he couldn’t get the dolly over the gravel end of the driveway… so the three of us carried the boxes, by hand, up the drive and into the house. In the rain. Oh well.


We are taking it easier, this weekend. For Sparks, that means going to the house and digging a drainage ditch, but to each his own… I am at home doing several dozen loads of laundry, mopping and vacuuming, dealing with the backlog of dirty dishes, doing some pre-emptive cooking for the week ahead, and in between handling some patchwork. (Pudding darling, stop sniffing that spilled pepper. You’re going to regret it.)

Seen above are a pile of ninepatches made from one layer cake of Gypsy Rose by Fig Tree Quilts, my very favoritest fabric designer ever. I am going to further complicate them by cutting them up and sewing them together again, I just need to take some time to think of how. Goodness… if you haven’t seen a line of Fig Tree Quilts fabric up close, you need to. Every single one is heart-stopping.


The project I am tip-toeing around right now are the doll furniture “jewelry boxes”. The furniture has been here for several days now, and I have acquired the paint for it. I’m just sitting around wondering (1) whether they need to be primed or even sanded, given their rough condition, and (2) where I will do any of this safely and without making a mess. You see? Real, vital questions. Also pictured is the stack of fabric that I’m going to make patchworked drawer-mats out of. The outsides of them will be painted “Oyster White” (I’ve always loved the name of that color) and the insides “Stonewedge Green” (you know… not at all like Wedgewood Stoneware green). Then the bottoms will have little teeny-patchwork mats to protect the jewelry. I had wanted to do half-hexagons, but I’m not sure that my piecing accuracy is up to the challenge, especially at the small scale I’d be working with. I’ll keep thinking on it.


Pudding on the other hand thinks about nothing these days except how to get another belly-rub out of daddy.


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