Monday blues & renovation news

Oh me oh my, what a weekend we had.

On Friday night we went out to eat at an Indian restaurant and half on purpose, half accidentally, ordered some very spicy stuff. We enjoyed it (and took antacids when we got home). Sparks, who has spent some time in Nepal, ate with his hands and enjoyed himself enormously. Then, we settled in to watch The Fellowship of the Ring, which turned out to be about an hour longer than we were expecting. We slept like the dead that night.

Favorites 15
(here, have a look at some lovely fall-ish pictures!)

On Saturday, dearly beloved, we took off to IKEA. The nearest one is about a 2.5 hour drive from where we live, and involves heavier urban traffic than we like. We got there in single pieces, though, and had a good lunch of Swedish meatballs to prepare ourselves for buying… the WHOLE kitchen and three WHOLE bathrooms. Well, not quite. Just the cabinets. Still, it’s such a complicated process… even though we had the whole kitchen meticulously planned out in IKEA’s software, with lists of part numbers and everything, we were still given a stubby pencil and a form and ordered to fill it out by hand. Then there was the mysterious tangle of home delivery, shipments, pallets, picking, and the additional complication of bathroom items that were variously pick-it-up-yourself, have-it-picked-from-storage, and thrown-onto-the-kitchen-pallet-for-delivery. Ah me. Suffice it to say that sometime in the next two weeks, 181 boxes will be dropped off at the house. Eek.

With all of that figured out, and a couple of soft drinks and ibuprofen tablets in us, we set out for the “fun” part of the IKEA shopping, and indeed we found some fun stuff. Sparks found the track lighting to end all track lighting, I found a brown-black wooden toilet seat to match the master bathroom’s cabinets, and we both found the coolest gin & tonic glasses ever. It was fine.

On the way home, we stopped at one of the precious-few German restaurants in the area, where Oktoberfest was still underway. There was a live yodeler, and I am going to end by getting four meals out of my single order of shnitzel.

When we finally got home, we fell into bed and slept for ten hours.


Sunday was an antidote to all of that exhausting excitement. We both stayed home all day. I did five loads of laundry, cooked a nice dinner, and sewed miles and miles of patchwork seams. Sparks listened to the Browns game in the garage (he likes being out there, it must be a guy thing), fixed the vacuum cleaner, and pruned the trees. In the evening, we got into our pajamas and watched The Two Towers, which Friday’s experience had taught us would be entirely too long. It was, and we slept like the dead again.

And now it’s Monday. No IKEA excitement and no lovely patchwork… just cold fluorescent lights, silence, bad coffee, and existential angst. Ah well. We play hard on the weekends.


5 thoughts on “Monday blues & renovation news

  1. The tone of your weekend sounds rather like mine, too. My husband travels for work pretty regularly, so when he is gone a lot (like last week) we look to cram a lot of fun into the weekend. Friday, when he got home, we packed off to the local movie tavern (beer! bar food! movies!) to see Zombieland. His choice, but it was surprisingly good. Saturday: our small town was having a huge Crab Carnival, which we left early to hit up the State Fair (meat on a stick! beautiful pictures!). Sunday, a leisurely breakfast, movies again to see Whip It (devastatingly cute and sassy), and book shopping.

    Monday arrives. Me: sick on couch, making a doctor’s appointment. Husband: off to another state.


  2. Whereas me: seriously thinking about not taking Claritin for a week or two, in order to induce a bad cold so I can stay home on the couch đŸ˜‰

  3. Whew! What a fun weekend. I’m so glad you can get out with hubby and find things you both like. Hoping the renovation goes fabulously and I love the winking kitty!

  4. We, too live it up on the weekends! Last weekend we went apple picking, antiquing in search of a chest of drawers (found one! Yay!), on long walks, and out to eat several times. Sometimes I’m more tired from our weekends than from a full week of work and school! We are vegging this weekend, to make up for it.

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