The final harvest

I made the long, long journey to the back yard this evening to collect the last of the produce, since we are getting into frosty territory later this week. It looks so pretty on the counter:


One sweet pepper, a handful of hot ones, two cherry tomatoes, and oh… that eggplant. It is the size of a pool ball and let me tell you, it is a cosmic joke. It is the first and only eggplant of the season, and it’s come on too late to get to a decent size. Oh well, at least the plants lived, this year.

I will be out there in a day or two to clip a big bunch of sage and a big bunch of mums, to hang and let dry. Dried sage is a must for cornbread stuffing at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It is 66 in the house right now. I have set the thermostat to click on the furnace at 62. Will it click on tonight?

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