Turning inward

The world began its annual turning inward, while we were away. Our lovely country drive home from the airport revealed that mustard plants and sunflowers are blooming, and maples everywhere are turning red and shedding their leaves.

Favorites 12

In the last couple of years I have stopped expecting the early part of September to be fall-like, and contented myself to wait for the vernal equinox. It is, indeed, rewarding to be surprised by my favorite season before I expect it.

My taste in color and design is changing with the seasons. Can you see it, above? There are fewer of the harsh, bright candy colors of the summer and more olive, slate, and soft brown. I am crazy about that soft, milk-chocolate brown right now. It’s so soft and warm and inviting. Yummy.

There’s lots more jewelry to show you already, and since there has been so much interest in the pink sunburst afghan, I will blog in a little bit more detail about the yarn I’m using, etc. Unfortunately I haven’t made much headway on it–beading is consuming my free time–but this inspires me to get working.

BTW, the pretty green sweater in the mosaic above is a newly-discovered Elizabeth Zimmerman original, photographed by Jared Flood. I think it is devastatingly beautiful; so so pretty. I am inspired to pick up my Reynolds Whiskey sweater again, and to knit the decreases on the tops of the sleeves.

1. hot craters, 2. neutral conversation, 3. stone foundation, 4. looking a little surreal, 5. Macaron Day 2009, Pierre Hermé Paris, Shinjuku Isetan, 6. Cinnamon Clementine Macarons, 7. creamy bead necklace for women, 8. DSC_0009, 9. forever + a day., 10. Quilting – Fresh Cut Quilt, 11. Wild Strawberry Phone Charm, 12. Top tier, 13. Man In The Moss, 14. My Pin Cushion for Lollishops’ Fall Ad in Somerset Life, 15. it feels like fall, 16. Caramel Mocha Cake, 17. EZ’s Green Sweater, 18. granny squares, 19. Untitled, 20. stool cover detail, 21. Untitled, 22. Honey Cookies, 23. Simple Leaves, 24. embroidery, 25. raspberry and lime, 26. cottage garden cab, 27. matryushka stones framed, 28. thrifty finds…, 29. more essential packing…, 30. The Finished Product, 31. Cherry Tree Cookies, 32. Wheel flowers, 33. vintage hedgehogs, 34. Candy Pink Fairy cake, 35. Floristry, 36. Marbled Cake

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