Gaga for gunmetal

My blogging mojo continues to sag; my attention these days is divided between beads and jewelry making (and I will get back to blogging all that lickety split, just you see, I *had* been stucking waiting for some important orders to arrive in the mail. Gee, online bead merchants take their sweet time getting things shipped…) on the one hand, and assembling my highly inspired fall wardrobe on the other. Well, yesterday I made the coup-de-grace on the wardrobe issue, so I can stop thinking about that, and devote my whole attention to things like this:


Gunmetal findings and beads. Beautiful, beautiful gunmetal. So serene. So romantic. So… steampunk. This fall is all about lace and frills and romance, and gunmetal mixed with sparkly Czech beads makes the perfect accessories. I will show you. I will. I promise. Soon.


3 thoughts on “Gaga for gunmetal

  1. Indeed. Sparks steered me into the fishing tackle aisle at Meijer. Sooooo much more palatable than the craft store solutions.

  2. I really LOVE Mrs Havisham’s bouquet earrings. They would be lovely with a matching pendent necklace with a bouquet of “flowers” as the pendent.

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