Four artists

Why hello there! My posting sure has dropped off, hasn’t it? For a week or two there, I just wasn’t interested in anything except beads… since I didn’t build my reader base on beaded jewelry, so I feel a little bad about being all-beads all-the-time. This weekend, though, I spent some time on patchwork, and there has been some gooood food going on around here too.

Favorites 12

I’d like to take advantage of this little *pause* in my own creative narrative to highlight four artists whose flickr feeds I have really been enjoying, lately. This summer was all about bright, bright, bright colors, cheerful things, fun and bubbly and in-your-face. I have now… calmed down. I want things to be soothing, serene, and subtle. I’m like that, I’m afraid. Quite a fickle creature.

Can you see a shift here? The artists show up in this mosaic.

The first is Apple and Eve, who makes hand-embroidered linen stuffies. The embroidery is always spot-on and so, so simple and beautiful; when combined with the white linen and clean lines of the stuffed animals, the result is breathtaking. I very much want to try embroidery again, because of these beautiful pictures. Her designs are so simple but so perfectly executed… alas, perfection and patience in execution, my downfall!

The second is C-urchin, who works for Aardman Animation and has struck out on her own, producing clay sand dollars and coral in white kaolin. Like Apple and Eve, her designs are simple but so perfectly executed that they take my breath away. I wish I knew how and where to buy her art.

Jillema is one of the beaded jewelry photostreams that I have just begun to follow. I was drawn in by the Gamble Oak bracelet (oh gee! How I want it! Why does everything I want cost $28?), in my very favorite Pudding color palette, but was drawn deeper into the stream by her–again–simple and perfectly executed paradigm of a bracelet with a color-progression of mixed media beads separated by silver spacers. Like a snowflake, there is infinite variation possible here. I ordered some gemstones in tribute.

Lastly, Contemporary Embroidery has completely caught my imagination. She has taste, she has patience and talent, and above all she has infinite creativity. If people who can create compelling, cohesive opuses of work like this can’t call themselves artists then nobody can. I am always floored when she posts new pictures.

So, enjoy, everyone. I have lots of new jewelry to show you… eventually. Thanks so much to those who have bought pieces.


4 thoughts on “Four artists

  1. I do embroidery. I have tried all the different patterns. I have a huge embroidery book. I love the feather stitch. But I do not enjoy cross stitch or patterns. I like to do my own design and make my own transfer pattern.

  2. Oh wow! Thankyou so much for the commpliment, this is a beautiful mosaic and I am going to spend hours trawling through the images looking at the other work. My buttons are priveliged to be in such good company! Thanks again, Karen

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