Even more bead jewelry

I am branching out, dearhearts. I have used up some Soocho jade beads, and also cut apart a couple of old strands of Chinese “coral”, because what I can do with the beads individually is so much more delicious than just having them in strands.

There will, eventually, be a return to quilting and knitting and crocheting… but for now I am all about beads. Really, I dream about findings all night. Really. As a beading friend put it, jewelry making is “sparkly and fast.” Dang straight, that.

I have replaced the link to my Etsy shop, on the sidebar over there —–> with a link that should bring up all of my eBay listings. I’ll keep sharing the jewelry I make; some of it I’ll put up for sale (for fear that I’ll be suffocated by it if I don’t!) and some I will keep for myself. If you see something here that you like, then have a look there… maybe it can be yours šŸ˜‰ . My favorite from this batch are the jade berry earrings… aren’t they scrumptious? *sigh* I’m such a sucker for dangly earrings.

ETA: hee hee, thanks to Seams Worth It for my first not-to-family sale. It’s encouraging!

Soocho jade bracelet

Soocho jade berry earrings

Big berry earrings

Coralberry cluster earrings

“Blushing Gooseberry” bracelet


6 thoughts on “Even more bead jewelry

  1. Your stuff is beautiful! I’m so impressed by how quickly you’ve taken to the new craft. You are a woman of many talents.

  2. I don’t wear jewelery myself, but I love to look at it. Your pieces are beautiful. I especially like how you are photographing them — very nice : )

  3. This is Saff from over on LJ. I adore the sparkly gooseberry bracelet! Very nicely composed pieces, at least to my unskilled eyes.

  4. Why howdeedo, Nikki! Thanks for coming over. As you have seen… I’m basically gone from LJ. I do go there at least once a day to catch up with everybody, though šŸ™‚

  5. For these pictures, I have discovered the joys of (1) using a tripod, and (2) digital macro mode. They make all the difference!

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