Faux clamshell quilt

My mother visited last weekend, and brought back my faux clamshell quilt top, all grown up. As usual, she outdid herself.


There’s the whole thing. Admire the lovely Allspice Tapestry fabric (from Fig Tree Quilts, but a couple of years ago) and my stellar piecing. Thanks.


Oh, all right all right. I’ll let you see the quilting. Since it is a “faux clamshell” quilt with a lot of white space, she designed a shell motif to go into the white triangles and did her favorite feathers to fill in.


Aaaaand scallops in the faux-clamshell part. This pattern is from Kaffe Fassett’s book V&A Quilts: 23 Beautiful Patchworks Inspired by the Victoria and Albert Museum. The original is English paper piecing, and it is scallops instead of squares. Kaffe gives instructions for doing this–and they sound only slightly less painful than knitting one of his sweater designs–then suggests that you may want to use blocks of squares for speedier, albeit less impressive, results.

My mother has also blogged this quilt, so for more pictures, head over to her blog. And generally in the future, if you want an intricate-quilting fix, head there instead of here… I have resolved that from now on, unless she specifically wants to do one of my quilt tops (and you’re always welcome, mom! Heh), I’m going to do them myself. I think stippling sounds like the way to go.


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