Pink sunburst afghan: one of each

Well, I have at least one of each colorway made now for the pink sunburst afghan.


I *do* like it. I think I will not put on white borders. Now… I just have to make eight of each colorway. My but that’s a lot of crochet. Fortunately, my wrists are doing well. I’ve been using the touchpad at work, instead of a mouse, and I think it helps because not only am I not moving fingers individually, but I can freely trade from right to left hand as I work, unconsciously.



10 thoughts on “Pink sunburst afghan: one of each

  1. Oh my gawd!! This is exactly the kind of color scheme I have been looking for!!!!! I am not creative enough to come up with all this pretty stuff on my own, I need a pattern first. I clicked on the link you provided and thank you thank you thank you for it!!!
    Just perfect! Thank you for sharing. :o)

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