Tin objects

All of my “eBay indiscretions” have come through. Wanna see?


I have been seeing lovely floral tins on more and more blogs, lately. It made me think two things: first, that they really were lovely as well as useful, and I’d like have some. Second, that they were bound to catch the attention of trendsetters soon, and would be priced out of my reach. Like Depression Glass (grrrr). So I set out to get some.

This set of four is the greatest triumph. I had to sit at the computer and snipe it. Thank goodness the other bidder didn’t have bidding software running! They are mine! They’re by far the loveliest of the collection, I think.


And two more. The one on the right has a design by Daher, which seems to be a big name in the world of decorative tin objects. Daher used to make these lovely tins and trays. Now-a-days, they’re making metal lunchboxes with cartoon characters on them. I am pretty sure that they are responsible for the metal Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox that burst open and scattered my lunch across the hallway, when I was in first grade. Fortunately, this tin is so lovely that I’m not bitter.


And the last two. The one on the right you have seen before. It has a hinged lid, which is a nice and I think desirable feature.

My mother is here this weekend and has brought me another finished quilt, this time from a top I pieced. I’ll give it a post of its own later this week. To fit in with this post, I’ll show you the spoils of yesterday’s shopping trip, in which we found a store that is not Williams-Sonoma… yet somehow better.


Cookie cutters! Are these tin or aluminum? Don’t care, they’re adorable. I got two maple leaves, a rabbit, a cat, a mitten, a small star, the United States, and Illinois. Mom got a lot of creatures from Up North: the rabbit, a squirrel, a moose, a bear, etc. It was a successful shopping trip.

2 thoughts on “Tin objects

  1. Holy crap those top tins are gorgeous? Are you going to use them to store baking supplies? I probably would. 🙂 Mine are a bit ugly sitting around in bags and boxes.

    Thankfully, I have never bought anything on ebay. Not for lack of trying? Clearly, I need to either get bidding software or just stop visiting the damn site altogether. It’s not like I don’t already have enough things I don’t truly “need.” : )

    Lovely finds, though! And you’re right to be on the front end of what I’m sure will be a wave of collector-ism. Just wait til Martha and Oprah take interest. Then there’ll be no saving them.

    P.S. Aren’t Depression glass prices just disgusting? Especially for jadite and azurite, my favorites, of course.

  2. The tins are a little grotty inside, so I think they’ll all be turned into button boxes, bead boxes, findings boxes, etc. I think that they *have* been used to store baking supplies in the past… which is why they’re grotty.

    To win on eBay, you’ve pretty much got to target items that other people aren’t interested in. I cut my teeth of pieces of silver that had other people’s monograms on them–not desirable at all.

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