The first skirt

I bought that serger so that I’d be uninhibited about garment sewing, and by golly, it’s high time I did some garment sewing with it!

On Monday, after having cycled through the same four pairs of trousers and two skirts all summer, I found myself fed up and wanting something new to wear. I rummaged around in the back of my closet and found a dress which I liked in principle, but couldn’t find the right bra to wear beneath. I cut off the top of the dress and wore it as a skirt.

That held me over for two days, then I had to wear something different.


I am ready to start cycling my wardrobe into autumn. My idea for late summer/autumn right now is all jewely-sparkly, with sparkling large-scale prints and sparkling jewel colors and sparkling Czech bead jewelry. So here’s the first skirt, made from Tula Pink’s line Nest. I used Simplicity 4236, view A, but aligned the piece differently on the fabric so the pattern would be upright (though not, I confess, matched at the seams). This makes a full-circle skirt and takes exactly three yards of fabric.


I like it. It’s a dressmaker’s nightmare but looks fine from the outside. Two changes I’d like to make on the next one–or even on this one–are to find a length of wide ribbon or edging to create a real waistband with, and put in a lining to make it stand out (even) better.

W00t! I have another piece of Nest to make another skirt–this one the egg-in-nest pattern. I really want to make skirts out of a couple of Anna Maria Horner designs, but enough is enough. And when those Czech beads and jewelry findings show up, I’ll have my work cut out for me.


3 thoughts on “The first skirt

  1. oh my, that skirt looks great…and its your first? job well done! could i tempt you to trade some of your scraps of that skirt? i LOVE that bird print and I dont have any in blue…
    krousegirl2 at aol dot com

  2. I’d be happy to trade, though I have to warn you that there’s very little left–just the bits that were under each side of each of the four panels. I can’t even promise you that you’d get a whole bird. Still interested?

  3. I am interested…could you look over the pieces and give me a better idea of the sizes? Im looking to use the fabric in a quilt. Are the scraps big enough for quilting? 3×3 or so? What fabric might I have that you would be interested in trading for?

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