Good things in the mail

Oh boy, I really hit the jackpot with the mail delivery today.


The new fabric line from Fig Tree Quilts is out! Woohoo! And oh–I gasped when I opened the box. Mill House Inn is so lovely. It’s got the burgundy of Fig & Plum, the caramel and sugar-pink of Patisserie, but also–and brand new for Fig Tree fabric, I think–delicate old fashioned aqua. Not the bluish grayish aqua from Fig & Plum (which I love, I mean, it was my wedding color…) but almost-green, happy fifties after-dinner-mint aqua. That’s what got me so excited.


Early this week, during a particularly desperate afternoon, I committed some indiscretions on eBay and began a collection of floral tins. This is the first of them. Isn’t she a beaut? I have been seeing little peeks and nibbles of these tins in blogland, and I wonder how long it will be before Martha discovers them and their price goes through the roof… because right now they’re very reasonably priced, if you ignore the scandalous shipping that most eBay sellers charge (or is that just the state of the world these days?) In any case, this is my first lovely and I’m having fun imagining what I’m going to put in it.


These combined with three Tasha Tudor books that have arrived on three consecutive days (The Private World… on Wednesday, the Corgi Cottage cookbook on Thursday, and the dollhouse book today) are making for a lot of squee-ing and dreaming around here lately. Do you think Tasha would approve of Mill House Inn?


3 thoughts on “Good things in the mail

  1. I can’t wait to find out what I do with Mill House, either. I’m thinking of using the lightest colors of your last four (4!!!) collections to make a postage stamp quilt

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