In the bedroom

There are all sorts of interesting things in my bedroom that weren’t there two years ago, when I posted pictures of. C’mon, I’ll show you.


The pile of queen-sized quilts is growing. The Patisserie quilt my mother made is on the bed now, so from top to the bottom, In The Pink, Faded Memories, and Seaside Rose quilts are folded and stacked on the chest of drawers. I put a cotton blanket on top of all those, and Pudding hops from floor to bed to chest, where she sleeps on them all. She’s my princess-and-the-pea.


I have a little collection of coral. Try as I might, I can’t find any good instructions for bleaching it to pure-white. A solution of bleach didn’t work. Oh well, the dark parts highlight the interesting shapes. This collection feels old-fashioned and a little dangerous, to me. I do love coral skeletons, though.


Bunches of dried flowers hanging from nails in the wall. I got this idea from Brambly Hedge… very country, and very sweet. They have almost stopped smelling musty, too, which is lovely (cough cough).


Here’s the green garden quilt, which is folded over the back of the pink wing chair. My mother quilted it… can you tell?


And I have some tiny visitors nesting on top of my dresser’s mirror. They’re mostly quiet and well-behaved, though I suspect them of picking at the dried flowers sometimes, when I’m not looking.

3 thoughts on “In the bedroom

  1. Aside from the Patisserie quilt, I pieced all the quilts shown, but she quilted them. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with a Gammill and a lot of patience.

  2. I love the birds. They do look mischievous. And you mean dried flowers actually do stop smelling musty after a while? How long did it take these ones?

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