Bright scraps

Recently I’ve been putting aside the lovely pastels I usually work with in favor of BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT!!! Probably it is the renovation of a midcentury-mod house that has me thinking happy, bright colors and fun patterns… but then, I have always liked bright colors and rainbows, so who knows. Maybe it’s just a change of pace.


I have been especially enjoying the pile of Farmer’s Market fat quarters that I bought lo these many months ago, thinking that it would be good to have some pieces of bright stuff sitting around the workroom, even though I wasn’t quite clear on what to do with it. Well, I am thinking of thing after thing to do with it, now.


Making a couple of dozen Spool bird softies, for starters. The new house abounds in huge walls, and I think it would be really cool to install some branches full of Spool birds on one of them. I’ve cut one top and one bottom from each fabric.


Another thing is one of the crazy-popular ninepatch quilts. The squares are small, I’m only using a small portion of each fabric, but together they add up and I’m going to have a nice baby- or lap-sized quilt, I’m sure. I have an “efficient system” for sewing the nine patches in groups of three, and seeing how each one looks when it’s finished is all the entertainment I need.


See? Aren’t they darling?

The third project I have planned for these fabrics is a set of soft blocks, made from the scraps of upholstery foam I’m going to have left over after I make all of the floor cushions for the new house (EIGHT floor cushions… snoooooore…). I’m going to carve the foam into 4″ blocks and cover it with low-loft batting and patchwork. It’ll be cute.


And last of all… string quilts (such as the one in Good Folks, seen deconstructed above) provide a lot of stitching time for relatively little fabric, which is economical and therefore a Good Thing. I’m also totally sold on how the finishe product looks. So… after the three projects are done, I think I’ll cut what is left of Farmer’s Market into strips and make a string quilt out of it. Yipee skip, I do like working with pretty stuff!


4 thoughts on “Bright scraps

  1. I got those Sandi Henderson fabrics too, and I love them! I have managed to stretch them into 3 small quilts so far, and I still have a bag of scraps leftover.

    You have some beautiful projects in the works!

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