Bedtime Stories for Everyone

ETA: It seems as though, eons ago when I created this blog, I made it private so that nobody could access it. I have now changed this so, if you tried to access it earlier and couldn’t, you should have better luck this time.

Well if I can’t make things, I can at least talk about things, and so I’d like to announce the launch of another blog by me, Bedtime Stories for Everyone.


If Snapdragons is my crafts, gardening, cooking, domestic, good-times-with-friends blog, then Bedtime Stories for Everyone is my books/words/stories/literature/navel-gazing blog. When I signed up for it in October, I was laboring under the delusion that I was going to write short fiction and even illustrate it; so many months later, I have finally come to terms with two facts,

1) Though I love to imagine settings and characters, I have no interest in coming up with plots, which makes for some pretty poor storytelling, and

2) I’m embarassed to share the things I imagine anyway, even to the point where I find it hard to write things down.

So to salvage the blog, I have realized that it is a great venue to revue the wonderful books and blogs and articles that I’m always finding, so that if you’re so inclined, you can read them yourself. I can also post rambling, navel-gazing essays about books and words and things like that, and even… if I do get around to write a “personal essay” of the fictional type… post that and not feel that I’m creating a horrid flat blog with only sub-par plotless fiction on it.

So you now have two of me to choose from. You can read along with both of us or, if you like the Snapdragons Kat much better and only want to know her, you’re of course welcome to do that. I have created the new blog so that you have the option of ignoring the literary stuff in favor of the pretty pictures here, which I completely understand because I have many times un-followed blogs that got off track and started talking about politics and critiquing books instead of, you know, showing me pretty pictures of yarn.



3 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories for Everyone

  1. This… almost certainly has a great deal to do with why the blog isn’t getting any hits at all. Thanks for alerting me, I think it’s fixed now.

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