Boo hoo

I am incapable of doing well by you right now, my fellow crafties, so I present another flickr favorites mosaic instead:

Favorites 6

What has happened is that the Herculean effort involved in sewing together the whole hexagon afghan in one afternoon has borked my already bork-prone right wrist, and the little bit of crocheting I did last weekend sent me over the edge. Have I said that my job is to sit at a computer and click a mouse all day? That’s why these things are so sensitive, with me. Anyway. Monday I could barely type and Wednesday I tried to knit and failed, so there is no crocheting, no knitting, and nothing involving rotary cutting to show you. Sorry.

There has been quite a lot of cooking, but unfortunately, mostly recipes I’ve already shared with you. I am reading Julie/Julia, both the book and the original blog, and watching episodes of The Supersizers while reading Austerity Britain when Julie gets to be, you know, too heavy. Or when she makes me want to try a cream sauce.

One thing I get from Julie is a sense of profound thankfulness that, several years ago when I was offered an OMGglamorous!!! job in New York City by a company that is now under investigation by the department of labor for failing to pay its employees, I said, no big cities for me thanks. Light traffic and affordable real estate are must-haves.

1. coin quilt pillow cover, 2. Peter Rabbit and crochet blanket by mammy, 3. Grannying, 4. tapestry wool, 5. Skirty 1 Detail, 6. Summerhouse Pillows, 7. Bright Pattern Cookies, 8. happy pretty lunch bento for TinySprite, 9. Untitled, 10. fabric stash., 11. starting a new plantation doll, 12. Apple Blossoms _3, 13. back.row.swing, 14. Birdie Kit, 15. Flower Brooches (Bloemenbroches), 16. trying out something new, 17. yum yum!, 18. sigh!, 19. mitred corners, 20. Tree of Life embroidery, 21. Wee Play Quilt, 22. Patchwork Pencil Case, 23. Holiday Coasters – mosaic, 24. fussy cuts!!!!, 25. Pincushions / Nadelkissen, 26. Fabric Easter Eggs, 27. my evergleam tree, with shiny brite ornaments, and no lights, 28. Shiny Brite ornaments on White Christmas Tree, 29. Vintage Deer & Ornaments, 30. Cupcakes for Fionas Grandma, 31. Children’s Lit / Quilt #4, 32. Star Cookies, 33. Strawberry Cupcake, 34. Block Party, 35. IMG_2650, 36. Red Triangle Quilt

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3 thoughts on “Boo hoo

  1. Wow! Yeah, way to skip the NYC one. NYC is a LOVELY place to visit… occasionally… but I would never ever EVER want to live there. Ever.

    I have been knitting a lot lately, and playing guitar, and typing, so I almost feel your pain! I hope your arm ends are doing better soon. Repetitive stress injuries are no fun, even though the actions that cause them are so soothing…

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