Knitting again

I was a hard-core knitter just when it was fashionable to be so, starting around 2004 and tapering off around 2007. I suppose, to be truthful, that I can’t tell if the knitting fad has truly died in favor of patchwork and quilting and crocheting, or if I just began to like those crafts better. Anyway, I hadn’t knitted a thing since I finished Sparks’ socks last Fall.


It feels sort of nice to knit. It certainly feels nice to be using fingering-weight merino instead of worsted-weight acrylic. It’s fun to be using variegated yarn (by the way, I have NO IDEA what that yarn is. It’s tightly twisted merino, thicker than Lorna’s Laces but thinner than Socks That Rock. Does anyone have any ideas?). It is not fun to drop stitches and mis-count and have to pick back through all those increases and decreases. It’s certainly a lot less fun to cast on 72 stitches than it is to chain 72 stitches.

But I’m doing it, to satisfy my little autumn-dreaming. Maybe I’ll even have this scarf done by the time it’s cold enough to wear it.


2 thoughts on “Knitting again

  1. You could always combine knitting and quilting and KNIT yourself a quilt like I am! I’m knitting 26 stitch squares with no. 6 needles in various colors and patterns and when I finally have enough (a long time from now), I’ll stitch them all together. I’m not big on counting stitches or dropping and adding, so this is an easy thing to do while watching TV or movies and doesn’t take too much concentration. Mostly I do garter, stockingette, double moss, and variations on double moss.

    P.S. I loved the rainbow quilt! I have to learn to crochet at some point…

  2. My vintage-est of Jentas, I adore you but I hope to never, ever, ever knit a blanket, not in my whole entire life. When you learn to crochet, you will understand where I’m coming from. If crochet is Baby Carrie from the Little House books, then knitting is Stewie Griffin. One is more fun but the other is so much easier…

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