The hexagon afghan, finished

Yesterday afternoon I sat down on the living room floor and crocheted together all 32 rainbow hexagons. It took four hours, and my right arm aches today, but at least all the pieces are attached!


The afghan is a good size, the right size to cover the foot of a queen-size bed, or to be a double lap blanket. It would even be big enough for the top of a twin bed, I think, though it wouldn’t hang over the sides by much. It is heavy and warm and colorful. Really, this is the afghan I’ve always wanted to make. I love rainbows. Always have.


I have been thinking about writing up instructions for this and selling them. It’s a nice project for a person who is only just beginning crochet, I think–it’s all chains and double-crochets–but it produces a pretty spectacular result, and is more interesting than granny squares. What do you think? Would you pay $5 for instructions for the block and suggestions for what colors to use and how to cycle them?


Ahhh, I do like this afghan. And now I get to move on with the next one, which will be just as much fun. As soon as my right arm heals up.


12 thoughts on “The hexagon afghan, finished

  1. Your afghan is gorgeous! I think, by the way, that selling the pattern with color suggestions is a great idea. $5 isn’t too much to ask, and I think it’s a price people would pay. Would you do it on Etsy?

  2. Happy belated birthday! May your the new year be full of sunshine, joy and love. 🙂
    PS. And yes the afghan is wonderful.

  3. I am not a crocheter, but that is one of the best afghans I’ve ever seen. Love the colour. Why don’t more people use white with their colour when they crochet?

  4. More and more are… the white-ground granny square is a big deal right now, for example. Part of me wonders if, in a couple of years, the white will seem pale and blah… the other half remembers that white-ground quilts from the 1930s are still cheerful and beautiful today.

  5. Wow, i don’t usually care for crochet, but i gotta tell ya, this is BEAUTIFUL!!

    BTW, I found your blog from Cluck Cluck Sew’s crafty blog links.

  6. Proven, then: that self-promotion is not completely without results. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hi, I know this post is very old but I came across it while looking for a hexagon tutorial. I was wondering if you ever made a pattern or will make one. I would be more than willing to pay $5 for it. Thanks!

  8. I never wrote a pattern but I can describe how to crochet a granny hexagon: find instructions for crocheting a square one, but make the corner clusters only two stitches instead of three. This will change the corner’s angle and the block will be a hexie. Enjoy!

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