My favorite Flickr feeds

One of the most important aspects of a blog, for me, is that it have yummy, beautiful, edible, plummy, gorgeous photography. Good pictures are worth more than a thousand words… and come on, I’d like all of you hard-core blog readers to admit that you are subscribed to at least one blog written in a language you can’t read, just because you enjoy the photographs so much. Come on. Admit it.


In honor of great blog photography, I’d like to share with you my ten favorite flickr feeds. Not all of them are attached to blogs, and the ones that are are easy enough to find, and… come on, the pictures are the meat of most blogs anyway, right? So without further ado, the ten Flickr feeds that make me happiest are:

Thorsten (TK)
Food photography the way I like it best–beautifully lit, not overstudied–or overstudied so brilliantly that it seems it isn’t–with bright, fresh colors in the background and lots and lots of delicious, plummy foods. Mostly not desserts, amazingly.

Cupcake Land by ShamsD
Unfortunately, Shams has opted out of FD’s Flickr Toys, so her pictures that I Favorite don’t end up in my Favorites mosaics–in fact, she counts for a hefty proportion of those empty white squares. She has a great formula for making and photographing beautiful cupcakes, and it gets me every time. Total eye candy.

*Heather Bailey*
C’mon, what’s not to love about Heather? Her fabric is fantastic, her stationery line is fantastic, her patterns are fantastic, and her photostream is beyond fantastic. I wish she posted a hundred pictures a day, I’m so hungry for those electric, edible colors.

sarah london textiles
Sarah’s use of color in crochet is a direct inspiration for the afghan I’m working on right now, the next six (!) afghans I have planned, and the color-philosophy of most of the quilts I have planned. The woman is just a plain genius, and I’m always hungry for more.

Another quilt fabric designer who takes luscious, edible photographs. I want to eat every single piece of fabric in those Farmer’s Market pics… *happy sigh*

Alicia Paulson
C’mon, who doesn’t love Posie Gets Cozy? I only wish that Alicia would upload all of her blog pictures to Flickr, so I could favorite bunches and bunches of them. Alicia is on-trend but with a special sauce that is all her own. I want to stay at her house. And that’s a significant statement, coming from me.

Another great food photographer and another great blog. Hannah won my heart with her amigurumi and their adventures, but the food is so good that I’m still eagerly reading her blog long after it has become food-only. Her photography is lovely and her prose is just as good. It’s easy to forget that the food is all vegan. Yum.

Moline is a moving-life photographer. Most of her shots are taken inside her beautifully decorated house. They have the serenity of a Vermeer painting… they’re a nice antidote to all of the bright colors I usually like.

Another great food photographer, traveling as well as in-studio. Also a baker with a special interest in macarons, be still my beating heart!

Cheerful and goofy, I challenge you to not be inspired by this crazy crochet-er and picker-of-flowers. Her blog is written in a gushing prose style that gives Americans the comfortable feeling that even they have a daffy British friend. This is my second major crochet inspiration. Check her out.


2 thoughts on “My favorite Flickr feeds

  1. Thank you so much for listing me here! I found you through one of your readers because she wrote me an email she did find me via your blog. I love this web!
    The blogs you listed are my faves too and always put me into a good mood!

  2. You’re very welcome, Yvonne! I’m looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful adventures in Korea.

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