All about the afghan

I have begun to crochet the hexagons of my latest afghan together. Somebody is really, really excited about it.


Hark! Is that a kitty chrysalis I see?



5 thoughts on “All about the afghan

  1. I love this! What kind of yarn do you use? A friend of mine just had a baby girl (named Rosey), and I want to crochet a vintage granny rosette afghan for her in bright colors & definitely not baby yarns….something she can keep. I’m looking for yarn and pattern suggestions. Any ideas?

  2. I always use Red Heart yarn for afghans. It doesn’t feel as nice as merino or cotton initially, but it makes a lighter, stronger blanket, softens remarkably with washing, washes and wears like iron, is an order of magnitude cheaper than wool, and comes in literally hundreds of colors. If you can’t find the colors you want at Wal-Mart/Michaels/Hobby Lobby/Joanns, you can order them from Herrschners or Joanns. Their Classic/SuperSaver/Kids yarns are all the same weight and hand. They also make Sport and Designer Sport yarns in some very appealing colors. This afghan was done in Red Heart SuperSaver.

  3. Awesome! I have used Red Heart for several crochet projects before, but I had no idea their current colorways were so exciting! I’ll have to find a shop. Thank you!

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