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*tragic sigh*
*tragicaler sigh*

There is nothing particular for me to blog, even though there actually is, because I don’t have photos to illustrate things for you. I am plotting a string quilt, and a cathedral window quilt, and a marble champ quilt. I am plotting a sunburst granny afghan. I am making tiny strawberries out of the scraps of Allspice Tapestry I unearthed from my sewing table yesterday. Last night at dinner I made a modified version of Firecracker Shrimp that was *so* good, I’m making it again tonight with squid, and zucchini “carpaccio” on the side. Pudding is adorable. The garden is blooming. Tomatoes are ripening. Peppers are reddening.

For the moment though I’m stuck in my office, staring at the big green wall, and grumbling every time one of my non-office-working Facebook or Twitter buddies posts about the sock she just finished knitting or the banana bread she just baked or how she’s sitting at her pool watching her kids. Begone, leisured ladies! It’s rough enough here without you!

I’m even too grumpy to acknowledge that I oughta be glad I have a job that allows a little blogging on the sidelines. Way too grumpy. Don’t even mention it.

1. Cupcakes for a wedding!, 2. Honey Cookie, 3. simple valentine cookies, 4. autumn, 5. tomatoes2, 6. Carrot Cake, 7. Strawberry Puree and Individually Frozen Strawberries, 8. embroidery 610, 9. Twinkle laid out, 10. macarons, 11. ‘OVER THE RAINBOW’ FELT BROOCH, 12. New Fabrics!, 13. YIP 365.84 :: Nate Pillow in Oranges and Greens, 14. Orange Cheesecake Pie, 15. Creamy Lime Squares, 16. Macaron Box, 17. Strawberry Macarons, 18. Stacked, 19. Nearly 4kg of cotton yarn, 20. studio closet, 21. katie jump rope, 22. please turn around…please, 23. Sugar Hearts, 24. Hold me, 25. Knitting Bag for Mum, 26. Zingy Raspberry, 27. Granny A Day blanket, 28. CANDY, 29. teacup, 30. cupcakes, 31. china, 32. soft pink roses, 33. front porch 2, 34. Multicolor Cuts, 35. 071 – Spring colours, 36. 073 – Finished sunburst afghan

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