Chili-lime tilapia

One night last week, I made another batch of chickpea salad, this time with half black beans instead of chickpeas. Then I sprinkled chipotle chili powder and lime zest over some tilapia filets, broiled them, then drizzled them with Newman’s Own light lime vinaigrette and a handful of chopped cilantro. All of this I piled on a plate and gave to Sparks for his dinner.


He has begun to take part in the blogging process, and suggested that I really did want a picture of the food, because who knows when a slow blog day might come along. Then he suggested that we carry the plate outside, where the light is best.

And so we did, and so I did, and here it is. This is my current favorite way to make white fish into something I can get excited about eating. Should you make this and should there be any leftovers, you should eat the fish in 6″ corn tortillas (same as for pork tacos) with guacamole and pico de gallo. Yum.


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