Wonderful things

Favorites 4

There is no shortage of wonderful things in my life, right now. I have my Sparks, my garden, my fabric, my yarn, my kitchen, my Pudding, and our house renovation, and they all make me very, very happy. There will never, though, be so many good things in my life that I can’t wish there were more… here are a few of the things I wish there were:

Twelve times as many blogs with beautiful photography and thoughtful writing

Twelve times as many magazines as good as Southern Living

Twelve times as many fabric lines from my favorite designers

Twelve times as much time to quilt and sew!

Twelve times as many people to cook for… when I feel like it

Twelve times as many comfy beds to put quilts on

Twelve times as many books by my favorite authors

Twelve times the time in the evenings, so I could do plenty of all the things I want

Twelve times as many flowers in my garden…

*dreamy sigh*

1. 10.000, 2. Do you feel her perfume? / Sentez-vous son parfum?, 3. Pulswärmer – Wrislets, 4. New mushroom, 5. Blanket-WIP, 6. Hagoita Kanzashi, 7. Arabesque Kusudama, 8. Paper Hearts, 9. Kusudama Ball, 10. Lucky Paper Stars, 11. paper heart, 12. orbit snail set 1, 13. stockpiling, 14. WIP – A lot of color for 2008, 15. Blood Oranges – Up Close, 16. re-ment cake madness, 17. Bigger Fruits Tarts Studs, 18. Storytellers Tarts, 19. Les Fleur Debris, 20. Box of Temptation…, 21. Illuminated Gingerbread Cookies, 22. Pale Blue Flower Cupcakes, 23. Mini Flower Cakes, 24. Spring Blossom Wedding Cake, 25. Babette Squares, 26. Babette Blanket colors, 27. Babette Blanket yarn!, 28. dear cups, 29. Heather Bailey’s studio, 30. Triple Irish Chain with flowers, 31. Freshcut Pincushion, 32. Pop Garden fabric Matroshkas, 33. Happy cupcakes, 34. Pink Swirl Cupcake, 35. Vanilla Cupcakes, 36. Ditsy Bird House


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