Pastry ring quilt

My mother had to make a quilt for our wedding, of course. She makes quilts for all kinds of occasions… and the marriage of her only child? Oh yeah. Time to pull out all the stops. I requested the fabric collection and approved the pattern–and she took it from there.


My oh my did she ever take it. This wedding ring quilt took her three months to piece, and is quilted with the densest quilting she has ever done. It pretty much defies comparison.


The fabric collection is Patisserie by Fig Tree Quilts, one of my very favorite designers.


It is a generous queen size, of course, to go on our generous queen bed. It’s finished in scallops to follow the rings.


The back of the quilt, with shadows showing off the quilting.


And the pieced front, also showing off the quilting.


Feathers inside the lozenges


And feathers inside the squares.

Photographs of the actual wedding are in the mail, we hear, so I should be able to share those with you soon. I warn you though, the ceremony was only six minutes long…


6 thoughts on “Pastry ring quilt

  1. Oh My Gosh! What an absolutely beautiful quilt! I just love this use of Patisserie. So jealous… I have always wanted a wedding ring quilt… CONGRATULATIONS!


  2. Thank you, Joanna. I picked out Patisserie for this quilt before it had even been released… I always know your collections are gonna be gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Truly amazingly beautiful quilt! Gush gushing, love everything about it even though the colors are not my normal colors of choice! What a wonderful gift to receive from your mother. I am sure you will treasure it dearly.


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