Pork tacos

So by now, you have put up about seven pounds of juicy, succulent pulled pork. What are you gonna DO with it? Oh me oh my, what a difficult question. First, you’re going to make pork tacos.


We like our tacos tiny and in soft shells–the way we’ve most often seen them made by street vendors in Mexico (on Anthony Bourdain’s show). So start with several 6″ white corn tortillas, if you can get them, and warm them up. Sometimes I microwave them and sometimes I turn on my solid-surface electric range and drag them back and forth over the burner until they’re ready. Sparks will put them in the toaster, but I don’t trust myself to pay enough attention to them that way.

Top each tortilla with a small spoon of sour cream and a larger spoon of green salsa. Green salsa? It is one of the finer, if not the finest, thing in life.


Should you have been unable to buy sufficiently fiery green salsa or if–as is our case–you’re just addicted to pickled jalapenos, go ahead and add some. Yum! Why do I like these so much? Some questions will never be answered.


Top with a handful, yes a handful, of chopped fresh cilantro. If you are one of those people to whom cilantro tastes like soap… I am so so sorry. I hardly know how to tell you how to modify this recipe, because the cilantro is such an integral part of it–probably I would fill in with shredded cabbage or lettuce to get the cold crunch. But you’re sadly going to miss out on the flavor.


Pile on the shredded pork, but remember that this little tortilla needs to be able to close around the fillings. It’s easy to go overboard at this point.

Now wet the pork down with another spoon of green salsa. Yuuuuuum.


Finally, if you didn’t salt the pork as you were pulling it (and we don’t), you’re going to want to sprinkle a little salt over everything.

Also, if you felt like squeezing a quarter of a lime over all this, I wouldn’t look askance. All the limes in our household had been devoted to mojitos, that night, so alas alack–none for the fotogs.


Now sit yourself down and tuck in to one of the tastiest, juiciest delights that summer food can offer up. Oh my, these are so good, I had them for three days in a row and only stopped because I ran out of cilantro. You want some. YOU WANT SOME.


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