Adventures in machine quilting

Two posts per day? Yeah, there’s so much stuff happening here, I think it’s called for. I’ve gotta blog all this great summer food while it’s still summer, but I’ve gotta blog other stuff too, and pretty soon there are going to be scads of wedding posts. So–you deserve it, and I wanna do it. Two posts per day it is!


I have been making tentative adventures into machine quilting. I have made a set of coasters out of the leftovers from my Neptune hourglass quilt, as you see.


I just love this collection too much to waste any tiny piece of it. A collection this cool may never be released again. Also, on such a small scale, I can just put the piece under the machine and start quilting–no changing the sewing foot, no learning how to lower the feed dogs, no pinning. I’m just *doing* it, and for a first step, I think that’s healthy. I’ll conquer the complications one by one as I move on to bigger things.


And yesterday, a slightly bigger project: a pair of potholders. These were made with fabric from Joanns, in the brief and glorious era when they offered cool fabric in the fat quarter format. These have some puckers in them, which motivates me to learn how to attach the free motion foot to my machine. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. All of this is also giving me practice in hand-sewing binding, particularly in mitering corners, which is precisely the kind of fiddly mathematical thing I’m awful at.

More great news is that there is a quilt shop in the same town as Sparks’ house, practically within walking distance even, and it has a longarm quilting machine. YAY!

2 thoughts on “Adventures in machine quilting

  1. Your quilting looks great, what an excellent way to practice. I have been busy practicing my free motion quilting. Talk about scary! I love straight line quilting though, but always use a walking foot – even fabric feed, less puckers. I am with you all the way on binding; mitering corners – no joy there! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I’m hoping to skip right over the walking foot and barge right into the darning foot. Maybe this is another manifestation of my unreasonable optimism… Love your quilts, btw. The colors are fantastic!

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