Countertops and floors

I had been plotting a post called “Stashalicious” in which I showed all of my altered photographs of stash fabric at once, but I like the idea of using them to decorate posts that would otherwise look drab at the top of the blog. We like to see pretty things, right?

(Wildwood by Erin McMorris)

On to the pertinent subject: house colors. When last we spoke, both my mother and my mother-in-law were telling me to paint the master bedroom green. Mother, I bought the paint. I swatched the paint. Sparks thought it was yellow and I thought it was sickly. I had a sudden crisis in which I found myself unable to live in a green bedroom. Sparks and I realized things had to be re-framed and re-drywalled and re-primed before we were ready for paint. The issue dropped.

The issue is coming back now. My current idea is to make the background of the house all white and shades of brown. The media room is already brown, everything else is already white, and the Big Orange Wall is going to be painted a warm, can I say cheerful? shade of brown. My one concession to the current fad of painting rooms in bright colors–one which doesn’t sit well with me–is the bathrooms. The master bathroom, which Sparks doesn’t plan to use much, will be pink. The guest bath, which he will use, will be spa blue, which he has always wanted. The powder room will probably be apple green, possibly painted with the discarded gallon of Pale Apple 2, which when put out of direct sunlight could still be lovable.

This neutral palette will make it easy to swap bright-colored textiles in and out. Curtains, cushions, quilts, afghans, tablecloths, all that is going to provide enough color and more. It will be good, I promise.

So now we have to pick out browns. Hmmmmm.

Most of the house is going to get wood floors. We’re going with something pale, probably white oak or maple in a “natural” finish.

The bathrooms are going to get white tile… probably subway tile halfway up the walls, and We Know Not What precisely on the floors though the tiny hexagonal tiles suggest themselves (do all the grout seams stop them from too slippery when wet?) The kitchen… ah the kitchen. Let me show you some pictures… that Wildwood was a long time ago.


Kitchen countertop possibilities. We are going to go with Staron from Samsung, which is a more affordable version of Corian. We also get a free seamless sink, which is gonna be awesome. Now: keep in mind that the cabinets will be white and we’re going with a Scandinavian look. Which one to choose? Dark counters to contrast? Pale counters to keep the whole thing light?

In the interest of disclosure, the next-to-darkest is the one that jumped out at us in the store. We have ordered samples of all these, though, so we’ll have plenty of opportunity for cogitation. The real problem is what to do with the kitchen floors. Here are the parameters:

1) I loathe vinyl floors. We’re not getting one.
2) I like the idea of sheet linoleum, but it’s expensive and Sparks is leery of it after some bad experiences with a DIY linoleum tile installation
3) Ceramic tile is the easy answer. I’m wondering how to make it go with the Midcentury Mod feeling the house is supposed to have, though. Probably that will just have to be let go. In which case, we still have to figure out what color. Very pale so we know it’s clean? Very dark so it hides drips and stains? What a quandary.

Please, do voice your opinions, especially as to the kitchen floor situation. Keep in mind that linoleum is all but out-out-out (sad sigh).


4 thoughts on “Countertops and floors

  1. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread…but it’s sooo exciting! First thought: sheet and tile linoleum are like apples and oranges, right? Much prefer the sheet for durability. Don’t know the price; but, even with professional installation, would it be that much more expensive than a professionally installed ceramic tile floor? Lots less labor than cutting tile and grouting.

    Lived 5 years in a Caribbean house with 3 floors of TOTAL white ceramic tile. Classic beauty; but, here are the cons: (1) showed every speck of dirt, (2) cracked and chipped in a few spots, (3) were unforgiving to dropped fragile items and small infants learning to walk, and (4)made our legs ache when standing and walking without good shoe support or floor pads at kitchen work areas. Truly, I loved the look.

    Green walls are great, but, white is better! Were we given that choice the first time around?

    Enough info. The best part is doing what you want and wish for your “home”.

  2. I like the white and brown idea for the walls. With this in mind, definitely, go for the mocha countertops in the kitchen.
    Remember my comment about the ceramic tile in my current kitchen vs that in the FW kitchen? Something about what I have now hardly shows dirt at all, so I would stay away from really light colored ceramic for the floors in the kitchen. A neighbor of mine has cork. Can you imagine? She recently got one of those steamers to clean it and says it really makes it low maintenance.

  3. We’re looking at both industrial tile and linoleum, now, and thinking about going with an aqua-colored floor! Eeee!

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