Color correction

I’ve just discovered the real applications of Photoshop, and I’m on cloud nine. This is way too much fun. Things look realer than real… brighter than bright. Things look like they came out of Posy Gets Cozy, or from a reel of Technicolor film. I am eternally susceptible to packaging and advertising, and ow this is rocking my world.

Right now I am:
1. Moving the white and black Levels sliders in to the nearest nonzero part of the graph
2. Tipping the Levels slider toward the white end of the spectrum (picture gets darker, at this point)
3. Increasing the brightness
4. Increasing the contrast
5. Increasing the color saturation only if needed–at this point it hardly ever is

Squash blossom

Pink hollyhocks

Wine hollyhocks

Achillea and lavender


Blossoming lavender


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