More Favorites

I have another batch of favorite Flickr pix for you.

Favorites 2
1. Untitled, 2. Wagon Wheel Pin Cushions, 3. A colorful string quilt, 4. WILDWOOD, 5. Cupcake with Swirly Frosting Crochet Pattern, 6. close – up, 7. embroidery 440, 8. Bee Happy Towel — Close up of Bee, 9. happy happy fabric stack., 10. My ripple, 11. Hexagons, 12. Playing with Raspberries (2/3), 13. Fresh Spring Verrines, 14. Soft Strawberry Cake, 15. Frosting Shots, 16. sewing, 17. Lovely Japanese Sushi Set, 18. Coconut & Lemon Meringue Cupcakes, 19. Happy Mother’s Day!!, 20. Spring Cupcake, 21. Pink & Blue Vanilla Cupcakes, 22. colours…, 23. Spring Babette blanket to be, 24. IMG_0508, 25. raspberry and pink peppercorn macarons, 26. Strawberry Tall Cake, 27. Colourful hexagons, 28. larksfoot stitch, 29. a pile of hexagons, 30. granny squares, 31. ripple blanket, 32. multi colour hexagons, 33. Untitled, 34. Crochet Strawberry Cake Pendant, 35. Amigurumi Miniature Ice Cream Sundae, 36. Amigurumi Lions

Besides being colorful and cheerful, I feel like I am living vicariously through these pictures. It’s so nice to imagine oh, all the wonderful things I would do if I had all the time and energy in the world! I would make six flavors of macarons. I would make miniature layer cakes. I would crochet a ripple afghan, and a granny square afghan, and a hexagon afghan. Then I would crochet a dozen cupcake amigurumi. I would piece quilt tops out of every Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Heather Ross, and Heather Bailey collection that was ever released, and quilt and bind them too. I would pack Sparks a bento or a tiffin every day. I’d cook more. I’d tidy the house and keep it that way. I’d organize my library.

Oh, the things I would do…

In the meantime, I’m going to make myself a digital patchwork of these favorites collages and put it up as my desktop background.


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