Sleep shopping

Today I got back from renovation work and found a package stuffed chock-full of fat quarters from Tula Pink’s collection Neptune. I sorted through them–petted them really–and wondered why on earth they’d come to me. Had they been accidentally–fortuitously–substituted for something else I’d ordered? Had my fairy godmother bought them for me? Did fate just want me to have them?

A quick peek at my Etsy account, though, tells me no… I really did buy the fat quarter bundle, accidentally on purpose. Which is lovely, because right now I’m making a double hourglass quilt top with this collection, and I think it’s just the coolest collection ever.


The double hourglass blocks are pretty cool, too. The ones you see have been made from jelly roll strips. You sew two together, cut them up into triangles, and then sew the triangles back together into the blocks. With those stretchy bias seams, I’m even having good luck making corners come together where they should. Hooray!

There wasn’t anything too-awfully photogenic to show of the renovation work today… well, okay, actually I forgot to bring my camera. Sparks has taken up two layers of vinyl and backing board in the kitchen, to reveal the original brick-red linoleum floor. He has cleaned out and swept up the master bath/closet, in preparation for removing the tub. Today, he spent his time hacking at the kitchen soffit, which is going to go so that we can put in 39″ upper cabinets. He’s a hard-working dude.

Me, I moved stuff from Spare Bedroom 2 into Spare Bedroom 1, then stripped all of the wallpaper, carpet, and carpet padding out of Spare Bedroom 2. That was a full day’s work, for me. I wish I had more stamina.


Happy news at home is that it looks like my snapdragons will do better this year than last. Hooray! I got an impressive assortment of bicolor weirdos this year, and if they thrive, they will be especially lovely.


In the last two weeks of warm weather, the morning glories have finally begun to take off. In a months time, they will have eaten my back deck.


I had precious little foxglove this year, but I’m always happy for whatever I can get. I am examining last year’s leavings, wondering if they are going to grow back or not. A couple of the mounds have one or two leaves coming out of them. Hm. Oh, well, I will almost certainly not be here to see them next summer anyway.


And the Reputable Corner of the flower bed continues to be reputable. The lupins are finished now and the delphiniums are filling in, while the shasta daisies and the hollyhocks are fixing to bloom. I am SO excited about the hollyhocks. I can’t hardly stand it!


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