Here are the top 36 images on my Flickr favorites stack as of now:

Favorites 1
1. Girl Scout Cake, 2. hedgie~ the double hourglass quilt, 3. Detail of “Spot On” Circle Quilt, 4. Spring Quilt, 5. Log Cabin Quilting – Close Up, 6. juicy squares (11), 7. Mod Sampler Quilt, 8. Nice and Crinkly, 9. Thank You Cupcake, 10. Blood orange macarons, 11. Pistachio Macarons, 12. Lemon Macarons with Lemon Buttercream Filling, 13. Zesty Lime Macarons, 14. Vanilla Bean Macarons with Raspberry Buttercream Filling, 15. pistachio and grapefruit macarons, 16. Rows of Macarons II, 17. Strawberry Candy Dot Macarons, 18. Macarons!, 19. cupcakes02jun09, 20. Frangipani Wedding Cake 3, 21. ….. A POCKETFUL OF POSIES!, 22. Pink rose wedding cake – between tiers, 23. Bird Mobile, 24. Spool Bird Softies by Pethra, 25. Miniature Amigurumi/Crochet Strawberry Shortcake, 26. Baby Girl Quilt, 27. Close up 2, 28. 4 squared quilt finished, 29. Pink Flower and Butterfly cupcakes, 30. Silver Lace Wedding Cupcakes, 31. 100_5169, 32. A Bouquet Of Roses, 33. Cupcakes from Consumed by Cake, Worthing West Sussex, 34. The Flowers…….., 35. Anabells Kitten at 4 Weeks, 36. Valentine’s Day Sweets by Marion Ferrer of Sincredible Pastries fame!

I would so like to be at home working on my Neptune double-hourglass quilt, enjoying the colors and designs and the feel of fabric between my fingers and the crisp, even stitches.

Or maybe working on a granny squares afghan, adding color after delightful color, cuddling the soft squishy blocks as I finish them.

Or in my garden, pulling those pernicious weeds, saying hello to butterflies and bumblebees, checking the foxglove and the delphiniums every half-hour to see if they’ve opened any further.

Or in my kitchen, experimenting with macarons, dreaming about hazelnut and chocolate and strawberry and lemon and matcha, oohing and aahing over the gorgeous colors.

But reality bites. I am in the over-air-conditioned office, with no window, green wall to my left, industrial-fabric-covered cubicle wall to my right, listening to the noisy ventilation system and staring at my blue-and-gray interface under the fluorescent lights.

If you are free to do whatever you want today, or if what you have to do is interesting, rewarding, beautiful, if it delights or comforts people or makes them laugh… enjoy it. It’s precious.

5:00 can’t come soon enough…


2 thoughts on “Favorites

  1. I heart macarons and was on some sort of personal mission for discovering the best macaron on a recent trip to France. The most unique flavor tried was “Lily of the Valley” (delish) and then a personal favorite “Red Fruits”. It sounds like you are set for ideas to implement this weekend. 🙂

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