No-nonsense living

I have bemoaned, before, the fact that I work a full-time job which entails sitting at a computer, staring at the screen, all day five days a week. If I look to my left, I see a big green wall. If I look to my right, I see my bulletin board. Looking ahead, I see my computer and my whiteboard. There is no window to see. There are no people to see, unless I turn completely around, or peek my head around the whiteboard. There is really no reason to talk… and because we all sit in one big open room, one feels shy about socializing too much.

It’s not much of a life, though it does pay the bills in a handsome manner. Still. I live for lunch breaks, evenings, and weekends. And sometimes, I have to seize them commando-style and shove in some enjoyment in a no-nonsense way.


This is a cake doughnut with chocolate icing and multicolored sprinkles. I was making a commando-style run on the grocery store during my lunch hour when something in me just snapped. When you are renovating a house and making an eight-hour roadtrip over the long weekend and getting married in OMG SIX WEEKS, I think you’re allowed to snap sometimes. I bought the doughnut. I ate it for lunch. It was great.


And this is a flat of portulaca. I had already snapped, so I went ahead and snapped this up with no thought or research. I just thought that the bright, hot colors of the gorgeous ruffly flowers were exactly what I wanted to see and handle and have. So I bought it… and lucky me, the flat of 48 plants cost only $12. Neat.

I went home. I ate my doughnut. Then I went out in my garden and got sweaty and dirty and disheveled, and got dirt under my fingernails and probably some poison ivy, and planted all the portulaca in the less-reputable section of my flower bed.

I then calmly went in side, scrubbed my fingernails, and returned to work.

It’ll have to have been enough living to last me till five o’clock.


3 thoughts on “No-nonsense living

  1. As someone who lives the same basic “work day” you do (computer-centric), I just want to say…

    …I understand.

    Congrats on your doughnut and flowers!

  2. Hi debs
    What a great story! I thought that you had done your planting after work!
    You must have been super speedy but I bet the afternoon felt much better.
    Wishing u very best wishes for your wedding.

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