Sita Sings the Blues

My plan to paint the master bedroom was made of fail, as it turned out. Sparks went ahead of me to sand some places on the wall where fuzzies had stuck in the primer, and when he did, the old paint began to show through–and the old paint was a dried-blood-red color. So spots had to be re-primed. Then he took off trim around the doors, which revealed more horrid red and also damaged the drywall in places. Then, we (or was it just me who was in denial?) realized that the door to the bathroom area is currently just an opening, that it would have to be framed in for a door, and the wall damaged and patched in the process.

In short, it will be a long time before I get to paint that room. Which is good, because I’m having an I-don’t-want-a-green-bedroom crisis. Perhaps a warm, pale fawn? Perhaps just leave the sucker white…?

So instead, I demolished a little drywall, demolished the kitchen cabinet doors, and scraped not one but two layers of wallpaper off of the powder room walls. It was a productive day.


That evening, we went out with friends for a Thai dinner and a screening of Sita Sings the Blues, an animated interpretation of the Ramayana. It was pretty cool, I thought, especially the title sequence–especially with theater surround sound and subwoofers. The good news about Sita Sings the Blues is that it is free and open source! You can download it and watch it right now, without the crushing doubt and fear that usually accompany such activities (ahem). Enjoy!


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