The media room

Welcome to Saturday, May 16! Several momentous things are happening today:

1) My dear old dad turns 60 today. Happy 60th birthday, dad!
2) Wolfram Alpha unofficially launched last night. I know a lot of people who have worked on this project for a lot of months, weekends, and sleepless nights. Good luck, guys (and somebody PLEASE tell it how many knuts are in a sickle!)
3) I am going to give my final answer about the master bedroom color. Unfortunately, I only just got up and haven’t finished my first cup of coffee, much less bought any paint, so I guess that right now even I don’t know what the final answer is.

Let me tell you about the media room.


The media room is the old garage of Sparks’ house. He had it finished about a year ago, and its centerpiece–currently residing at my house–is a great big flat-screen TV. It has creamy coffee walls, berber carpet, dimmer lights, a subwoofer, and plushy leather furniture. Because it is perfect-as-is, we’re dumping lots of stuff in there while we work on other rooms, thus the mess. Yesterday, at a bored moment, I decided that I was going to make blackout shades and lots of throw pillows and floor cushions for it. Here are the fabrics I got:

(pictures from

This is Amy Butler’s August Fields collection. I just LOVE the colors of this collection, but a lot of the florals remind me of my grandmother’s old sheets rather than anything hip and cool… so (except for the last of the three patterns, which had colors too good to pass up on) I tried to stay away from the florals. I’m very happy with my choices and the way they work together, and also the way that the two prints with cocoa in them will tie-in with the brown walls and furniture. I think this stuff will add a little splash of color without making the room so interesting that you don’t pay attention to the movie while you’re in there.

Roman blinds backed with blackout material will darken the room when needed, throw pillows will be abundant, and just as for the fireplace nook in the great room, I’m going to make four floor cushions for extra seating. I can do this! I can do this! I CAN do this! Especially with my new Huskylock.


One thought on “The media room

  1. The sugar stars arrived — what a nice treat. We had just returned from my Dad’s funeral and when we picked up our mail there they were. Thank you. I think I’ll make cup cakes and use them to decorate them — probably for the 4th of July.

    Don’t have time to read your blog tonight but I’ll be back!

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