Mother’s Day

We spent Mother’s Day weekend at Sparks’ sister’s house, with her family and also their parents.

On the guest bed was an antique quilt made by their great-grandmother. Tasha says that she rescued it from the great-grandmother’s attic right before the house was torn down. Yikes!


Like the antique quilt my grandmother has, this one seems to date from the 1930s, and is oh-so-carefully hand pieced and quilted. This is the kind of thing it’s really, really hard to do by machine. Unlike the other quilt, it includes feedsack prints. “Wow” I said, “they look just like the reproductions!”


We also hit Trader Joe’s while we were there (ahhhh, Trader Joe’s…) and bought their mother (my future mother in law!) a bouquet of hydrangeas.


At home, Pudding had nothing particular planned for me for mother’s day, but was in a mood to pose for funny pictures


And I discovered something surprising from *my* mother… the old Martha By Mail cake decorating kit! She must have given it to me when they moved, but it had gotten lost in a dark corner of my kitchen cabinets. Oh my oh my oh my… the fancy decorator tips… the spatulas… the paste colors. Be still my beating heart!



One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. As a point of interest, I believe the pattern of the antique quilt is call “Improved Nine Patch” or “Extended Nine Patch.”

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